Liebherr wu3400 has a stainless steel cover

Liebherr WU3400 is a luxury, built-in undercounter wine fridge that allows any wine collector to store their wine collection with quality and care. The interior of the fridge is coated in a stainless steel frame, with interior walls painted in silver and an insulated glass door that allows to observe the stored wine. The wine fridge contains two temperature zones and has a capacity to store 34 bottles of Bordeaux standard size. Besides allowing enough space for a wine lover’s minimal collection, WU3400 has a capability to fully administer the state of the interior and conditions of storage. The wine fridge allows to monitor humidity and ensure stable air quality inside. The wine bottles are carefully placed inside the wooden crafted, movable shelves that can easily be withdrawn upon need. 

The Liebherr WU3400 wine fridges are manufactured with specifically developed compressors ensuring that the wine bottles are stored in a low vibration atmosphere. WU3400 gives any wine collection a quality storage and compactness in order to suit any specific environment. With full packaging in the interior, the maximum weight of the fridge will reach maximum 60 kilograms. Liebherr WU3400 wine fridge ensures that every bottle of wine kept inside is stored securely. An integrated security lock is built on the door of the wine fridge. 

The fridge has low levels of electricity consumption which allows any wine lover to store their wine while being energy efficient. The wine fridge also alerts the homeowner upon temperature changes and door breaches that may occur using the special built-in alarm system. Liebherr assures constant innovations in its product lines and ensures that WU3400 complies with the latest standards of storage and safety. The WU3400 wine fridge has 4 compartments with 3 movable wooden of the shelves mounted on rails allowing the user to withdraw any bottle with ease.


A wine fridge like Liebherr WU3400 is a recommended investment for those who want to run their own mobile wine collection apart or besides a wine cellar. For amateur wine lovers who are not able to establish a wine cellar, WU3400 would be a great choice to store a minimal stock of bottles. Liebherr WU3400 is build with German efficiency and engineering and would be a great solution for many storage problems of today’s wine cellars.


Liebherr WU3400 provides humidity monitors and full lighting modifications. The specially built compressors of the fridge ensure the absence of vibrations and climate control in the interior of the fridge allowing full control over foreign odors and the atmosphere of the wine storage inside. The Liebherr WU3400 model is just as well technologically advanced to protect from the effects external light by providing UV tinted glass door in order to maintain the necessary microclimate. 4 compartments of the WU3400 allow the fridge to store red and white wines and to adjust the temperature accordingly. For any temperature losses and flaws, a fault alarm system is built in the wine fridge to notify the homeowner about the leak. 

The WU3400 model perfectly is able to fit into its surroundings seamlessly. The metallic style of the fridge allows to exhibit a modern touch to any wine collection, while taking advantage of the most advanced wine storing system. The Liebherr WU3400 is specifically built to be an undercounter fridge for private and commercial use in order to save kitchen and bar space. Unlike the fridges that are embedded in the design of the kitchen, the undercounter model of WU3400 wine fridge is fully autonomous and mobile in its positioning. Upon purchasing Liebherr WU3400, a consumer has to consider the need for space and amount of wine bottles available in stock for storage.