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How to set goals correctly

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5 steps to setting your goal correctly. Recommended by the authors of the bestselling book The Right Choice, John Hammond, Dr. Ralph Keeney, and Dr. Howard Raiffe.

  1. Write down everything related to your decision. Let there be a mixture of small and large goals, important and not so. Do not limit yourself, otherwise you will simply block your creative impulse.
  2. Translate the stream of thoughts into goals. Phrases should be concise and clear: reduce costs, participate in a sports competition, etc.
  3. Separate the means to achieve goals and the goals themselves. For example, a new sofa in the living room is a means, a comfortable and functional living room is the goal. To do this, ask yourself the “why?” and for what?”. This will define your fundamental goals and discard intermediate ones.
  4. Clarify your goals. For example, suppose you wanted to minimize health damage. By this stage, you already see what this implies – giving up fast food, an active lifestyle, daily exercise.
  5. Check if your goals match your goals. Ask yourself if you will be satisfied with the result you have achieved. If not, it’s worth revisiting the list – you’re missing something.

The authors advise to bear in mind that different objectives have different goals. Do not stick to the same goals in all cases of life.

Learn to make the right choices and make rational decisions.

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