Cavepromotor US for your Liebherr wine fridge

Liebherr wine fridge you buy in the USA at Cavepromotor US. We are proud to be the Liebherr specialist in the USA and are able to give background information because our roots are in the wine industry. Because of our roots we are able to give information about how to store and serve wines at the correct temperature and also how to store in a proper way. There for we also provide you a set of Vibration Reduction Blocks to reduce environmental vibrations…

These vibrations have an indirect effect on the riping and quality of your wines. And there is also the issue of how to measure the humidity inside your wine cabinet. Especially when you have bottles with a cork closing. When humidity is to low than your corks will shrink. The effect is that air and bacterials will enter your bottle with a negative effect on your wines. So it is important that the humidity is high enough, but not to high. What is important when you want to buy a wine cabinet. First you have to decide how many compartments you want to have. You can choose in the USA between one, two or three compartments. The top of the range is the Liebherr WS17800. This one has three separated compartments and has the ability to store 178 bottles. You decide what type of wines you want to store in which compartment. But you can also choose for integrated models like the WUgb3400. This is one of the most sold models in Europe and the USA. The door closes automatic after seven seconds. The integrated models don’t need vibration reduction blocks but also a digital hydrometer like in the WS17800 to measure the humidity. When you realize that the humidity is to low you can start the ventilation. After 24 hours you check what the humidity is in the wine cabinet. When the level is high enough you can stop the ventilation process. After a year you have to replace the Active Carbon filter. In real live you will forget when to replace and there for you will receive a message. This message tells you that it is time to replace. And after payment you will receive the perfect filter that fits in your wine cabinet. You only have to replace the filter and enjoy your wines. And if you have any wine related questions we are always willing to speak about beautiful wines.

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