Cavepromotor for your Liebherr wine cabinet

Liebherr wine cabinet is in the interest of real wine lovers. A wine cabinet like the WTes 5972 ensures that your different wines on the right drinking temperature. It doesn’t matter if you red wine, white wine, rosé wine, prosecco, champagne or sparkling wine wine, the separated temperature zones in the Liebherr WTes 5972 always make sure that the appropriate temperature for the accompanying wine is set. It makes for the Liebherr WTes 5972 not matter whether it is winter, spring, summer or fall.


The temperature zones are doing their work. Finally, every season has a particular preference for one type of wine in many people. In winter, there are generally more, and heavier, red wine drunk, while in the summer rosé wines or General popularity. Autumn and spring float between white wines and some lighter reds, again, “generally”.And it is precisely the concept of “generally” shows that there are clearly exceptions to the season preferences. For the Liebherr WTes 5972 no problem, you can finally the different temperature zones, independently of each other, to the desired temperature setting. In other words, in the summer you can for example set a temperaturezone extra on the perfect rosé wine temperature while you this temperature zone in the winter weather is set to the perfect red wine temperature. This always ensures that the Liebherr WTes 5972 ensures that you have enough season “preference” wineson the desired temperature and also have enough wines for drinkers who fall under the heading of “generally”. Ideal for family, friends and (even unexpected) visitors. Each one can order the wine that his or her preference, the wines are always served on the right consumption temperature. As clearly, the Liebherr WTes 5972 is actually the year independent. He is designed to allow you always wines on the right drinking temperature. The color and the kind of wine does not matter. You only need the temperature zones to the desired temperature. Without a Liebherr WTes 5972, this is impossible. Of course one can get wines at the ideal serving temperature with tricks, but certainly not in stock and absolutely not immediately suitable for consumption.Especially when unexpected visit wine lover. Then there should be no Liebherr WTes5972 really improvised. And then it doesn’t matter whether you have a good wine cellar or even a makes. Imagine the following situation for, the bell rings and there are very good wine friends for the door. They live for years abroad and you see them(way too) little. They have only an hour’s time, they are picked up and brought to the airport. He is an absolute red wine drinker and they almost always want a white wine. It is summer and in the refrigerator you have only a bottle of rosé wine and a prosecco, wine not friends exactly what you like to drink. You run to the wine cellar and make fast 2 bottles of your best red wine and 2 bottles of good white wine to top.The red wine is too cold and the white wine too warm. There are already 15 minutesexpired. The white wines throw you directly in the freezer section and in the sink lets you run hot water and place the 2 bottles of red wine in it. After 15 minutes you decide that the wines will be at the correct temperature. In the cooler for the white wine do you ice and throws some salt. The red wine is something become too hot and the white wine could what colder, the 2 the glass is reasonable on temperature. Afterglass 2, the wine picked up friends. You forget the white wine and a week later you discover and broken white wine in the freezer. The red wine you could throw it away, 35 degrees is a bit too much of a good thing. When you had a Liebherr WTes 5972, could your friends drink a nice glass of wine and some more directly and spared you 2 bottles of wine!