Best NBA Live Mobile Players

Here are the best NBA Live Mobile players based on their OVR attribute. They can be acquired by taking part in live events and completing sets.

Kevin Durant is currently the only NBA Live Mobile player card with 99 OVR. His card depicts him in his Golden State Warriors jersey. Durant has 99 speed, 92 3 pointer, 83 defense, 89 dribbling, 94 shooting and 88 passing. His position is small forward and he can be used in a big man lineup. Kevin Durant can be obtained from the NBA Ruler live event.

Paul George is an NBA Live Mobile player with 98 OVR. His position is small forward. Players looking to use this card will fit it into a defensive lineup. George’s stats are 88 speed, 89 3 pointer, 87 defense, 86 dribbling, 93 shooting and 86 passing. To get this player, NBA Live Mobile users are invited to take part in league versus league games.

Kemba Walker is another 98 OVR player. Walker’s stats are 94 speed, 85 3 pointer, 79 defense, 96 dribbling, 84 shooting and 92 passing. His position is point guard. The lineup he can be used in is big man. Kemba Walker is obtained just like the previous card from league versus league activities.

The next three cards also have 98 OVR and are acquired from league versus league mode. Dwyane Wade’s position is shooting guard, he can be used in a two way lineup. LaMarcus Aldridge is a point forward player that fits in a shooting lineup. Andre Drummond plays as a center player for a small ball lineup.

Damian Lillard is a 97 OVR NBA Live Mobile player card. His stats are 90 speed, 90 3 pointer, 79 defense, 90 dribbling, 90 shooting and 90 passing. Lillard’s card can be assigned to a two way lineup. Damian Lillard can be obtained by completing Team of the Week sets.

Jerry West is another 97 OVR player. His position is point guard. Players will use this card in a big man lineup. His attributes are 89 speed, 88 3 pointer, 71 defense, 97 dribbling, 71 shooting, 97 passing. Jerry West is obtained from legends sets.

NBA Live Mobile coins are also important for players to play, which can help you to get the better players to let your team stronger.